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Bart Smith Completes Lewis and Clark Trail at the Gateway Arch

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“I’ve walked 35,000 miles. And my take is I’ve walked through inner cities and never had a bad experience with anyone anywhere. People are always looking out for me. Going through reservations - in those communities, the people come out and offer food. I feel thankful to have seen a part of America that few people see driving in a car. Feet on the ground, I’ve seen how much kindness and understanding people have.”

How many shoes have you been through?

“It depends. This one was three.”

Greeted by family, friends, and a mayoral proclamation, Bart Smith completed the Lewis and Clark Trail in St. Louis today on the 50th anniversary of the National Trail Systems Act, which designates historic and scenic trails across the United States. With the Lewis and Clark Trail competed, Bart has now hiked on all 30 national trails. With the new Gateway Arch National Park open, we’re sharing stories from all the new visitors to the park. For more stories from people at the Gateway Arch, follow @GatewayArchPark on Instagram or the hashtag #YourArch.