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Corporate Support Spotlight: Bank of America

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This article was originally published in our fall 2022 newsletter, View 630'.

Bank of America has been a longtime supporter of Gateway Arch Park Foundation, dating back to before the Foundation became a conservancy during the days of the CityArchRiver project to transform the Arch grounds. 

Today, the company is a presenting sponsor of Winterfest — the Foundation’s largest community event and an annual St. Louis holiday tradition — while St. Louis market executive Katie Fischer serves on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. 

We caught up with Katie to talk about why Gateway Arch National Park is so important to Bank of America and to her own family. 


Katie Fischer at Gateway Arch National ParkHow has the partnership between Gateway Arch Park Foundation and Bank of America grown over time? 

We’ve been a supporter of the Arch for many years and were thrilled to have been a part of the largest public/ private partnership project in the history of the National Park Service in 2018, which included “the lid” (over the highway). It makes me proud to see what we can accomplish in St. Louis when we collaborate. I am so thankful that a committed group of people carried out that vision and made it a reality, and I think that it completely changes for the better how our visitors experience the Arch. 

We’re happy to continue our support of Gateway Arch Park Foundation and serve as co-presenting sponsor of Winterfest. It aligns nicely to our commitment to Downtown, and it helps attract people to experience Downtown to celebrate the holidays. We look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

Why is it important for Bank of America to support Gateway Arch Park Foundation? 

The Arch is our biggest and best gem. It connects us all, defines us, brings us great pride, and it’s our icon. 

What has surprised you over the years in working with Gateway Arch Park Foundation? It’s a privilege to serve and see firsthand the impact of the work of the dedicated Foundation team: how they steward the Arch, how they ensure that it’s in great shape for generations to come and how they take their role really seriously. And I have confidence they’ll continue to do that, reach new heights, and continue to do more. 

What do you think St. Louisans should know about Gateway Arch National Park? 

We have this incredible national park in our front yard. Not many cities get that. It’s so deserving of our consistent appreciation. I enjoy having the opportunity to walk to the Arch during my workday from my office Downtown.

We cannot underestimate what Eero Saarinen and his vision did for our region. I’m so thankful that the judges back in 1948 selected his design, because we could’ve ended up with something different that might not have attracted as many people and served as an icon. He was ahead of his time, and we (St. Louisans) were forward-thinking. 

What would you tell other businesses that are considering supporting the Foundation?

They’re a great partner. Their values, brand and vision align nicely with ours. There is really something in a partnership for companies of all sizes. 

And again, it’s a special landmark that means so much to all of us and helps us build a thriving community. It is part of the fabric of our region — the whole bi-state region. 

What has the Arch meant to your family over the years? 

I am a native St. Louisan. For me, when I see it, I know I’m home. And I think it’s about the 11-mile marker in Illinois when it first comes into view. 

It’s the No. 1 stop of all our family and friends visiting St. Louis, so by now I’ve been to the top dozens of times. It never gets old. I love telling the story of the Arch. Most of my holiday cards have my children, who are now grown, in front of the Arch at every stage of their lives. And watching fireworks here for the Fourth of July, it’s the perfect backdrop.