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10 reasons why you need to attend Picnic in Your Park

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Picnic in Your Park - girl running with basket in hand

Run, don't walk, to reserve your basket before sales close!

1. Belated Mother’s Day gift: Was your gift to Mom or Grandma a little lackluster this year? Wish you would’ve put more thought into it? If there’s one thing we know, moms’ favorite gifts are the gift of time with their families, probably while eating good food she didn’t have to think about. 

2. Early Father’s Day gift: With one click, your stress over what you should buy him this year will be gone. Prepare for monumental dad jokes because you’ll be having such a good time, no grill required.

3. Congratulate a grad gift: The youth are our future and could use a little extra somethin’ special to usher in their next chapter, whether it’ll be in St. Louis or somewhere less iconic.

4. Recover from a wedding: Is it just us, or is 2023 bursting with weddings? At least one of our own staff members may or may not be nursing a post-wedding "headache" by sipping on 4 Hands and nibbling on charcuterie at Picnic in Your Park.

5. You just like nice things.: Channel your inner Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle. Treat yo self.

6. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary: Not sure what to give the person who just wants “experiences”? What about the most iconic picnic with the most iconic views? In addition to the experience, though, they’ll still get a premium insulated basket (and an adorable picnic blanket with the deluxe option). Win win.

7. Kick off summer: Let's face it. There's only so much time to enjoy the glory of summer before we get hit with the monstrosity that is St. Louis summer humidity. Let's live our best summer lives in early June while we can!

8. Tap into your outdoorsy side… or not!: We know Gateway Arch National Park isn’t the most “roughin’ it” park in the national park system. Lean into it. No one said you had to be Davy Crockett to support national parks. Explore the national park grounds at a distance from the local wildlife, from the safety of a park bench.

9. Celebrate St. Louis: We know it’s been said, but St. Louis truly has so much to offer, not least an incredible local business scene that includes the powerhouses of Butler’s Pantry and 4 Hands Brewing Co. This event is the perfect way to celebrate and experience St. Louis pride in a new way.

10. Support a good cause: Last but not least – Picnic in Your Park is one of our two annual fundraisers that we rely on to help fuel our mission. We strive to not only conserve and preserve our hometown national park and its incredible treasures like the Museum and the Old Courthouse, but also to bring it to life with vibrant, innovative and accessible events for the whole St. Louis community to enjoy together. By supporting us at Picnic, you’re helping bring vitality to Downtown and energy to the region. Thank you!

You've convinced me. I'm ready to picnic!