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Member Spotlight: Erica Jones

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After graduating from the University of Missouri School of Journalism this past May, Erica Jones decided to move back to St. Louis and quickly became a Supporter member of the Gateway Arch Park Foundation. Erica was already very familiar with the Foundation, as she had spent the previous summer as an intern with the communications and development teams. We asked Erica some questions about why she supports the Gateway Arch Park Foundation and why she decided to move back to St. Louis after graduation.


What was your initial motivation to become a member of Gateway Arch Park

I chose to become a member of GAPF because I love the idea of making our entire St. Louis community a better place to live. My initial motivation was realizing firsthand as an intern how much hard work and passion goes into keeping the Park a place people want to visit.

What are some of your favorite memories of the Gateway Arch? 

I went on many fun field trips to the Arch as a kid, but as an adult I love being able to enjoy Downtown and being able to walk straight into the Park and Museum. It has become such a great place to soak in the culture and history of St. Louis.

What does the Gateway Arch mean to you? 

The Gateway Arch is the symbol of the city I love the most and it's a symbol of hope and adventure.

Why should others consider becoming members of the Foundation? 

You get many great perks, like free cocktail hours and vouchers for tram rides to the top of the Arch. But you also really feel like you're helping keep a great thing alive in Downtown.

Erica makes monthly payments of $8.33 toward her Supporter level membership, an easy way to enjoy the perks of membership immediately while making payments in installments! Check out more information about our membership program, including monthly payment options and how to give the gift of membership this holiday season!