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Quotes in the News 2018

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The grand opening of the new Museum at the Gateway Arch and completion of the CityArchRiver Project brought attention to the St. Louis from across the country in print, blogs, and even USA Today. We’ve compiled our top 10 favorite things we heard in the news.  ​​​

  1. “The Arch is spectacular.” – Al Roker, The Today Show
  2. “It’s just an A+ visitor experience now. The museum is just a completely blown out experience with interactive stuff for the kids.” - Bill DeWitt on CNBC Squawk Box
  3. “In a project at once carefully wrought and boldly transformative, the Arch’s grounds have been brilliantly updated for the 21st century.”     - Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune
  4. “Many local businesses are in on the buzz leading up to the July 3 grand opening, including Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis, where rooms frame a stunning view of the Arch. A new overnight package includes Arch tram tickets and a glass terrarium filled with a chocolate replica of the Arch, crafted by 350-year-old chocolatier Bissinger’s.” - Kristine Hansen, Architectural Digest
  5. “We’re finally taking this 70-year project and actually fulfilling this as a planning anchor and a core at which a vibrant downtown is being built.” - Gullivar Shepard in Metropolis
  6. “This new park makes it a more integral part of the city experience.”  - Matt Meltzer, Thrillist
  7. “The arch and courthouse were always part of the memorial park complex. But until the recent renovations, they were separated by Interstate 44 and its roaring traffic.  The highway and traffic now flow beneath a greenway land bridge that park officials have dubbed “Park Over the Highway.” Traffic noise is absent and the greenway shimmers like a well-manicured lawn.” - Gary Garth, USA Today
  8. “The Gateway Arch park restoration project is a notable pivot point for a city trying to be more attractive to new residents and businesses.” - Keith Schneider, New York Times
  9. “A half century after Eero Saarinen’s Gateway Arch was inaugurated in 1968, it has been reconnected to the city of St. Louis, with a sleek underground entrance facing the city, an expanded and redesigned visitor center and museum, a cleaner landscape and an elevated and more elegant waterfront along the Mississippi River.” - Phillip Kennicott, The Washington Post
  10. “On July 3, the new museum at St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch will open, the culmination of a multi-million dollar campaign to unify the city and update one of the nation’s most recognizable man-made landmarks.” - Harriet Baskas, CNBC