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Monumental Leaders: Eero Saarinen Society

Eero Saarinen Society members are key partners in sustaining Gateway Arch National Park by providing significant funding through unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more annually to support the mission and work of Gateway Arch Park Foundation. Their generous investment enables us to fulfill our mission of conservation, education, and community engagement. As an Eero Saarinen Society member, you join a generous group of supporters dedicated to keeping the Gateway Arch the iconic monument and park it is both now and for generations to come.

Become a leading sustainer of a national treasure today by joining the Eero Saarinen Society (ESS) with your leadership annual gift!

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*You will receive TEN free lifetime parks. These are a one-time benefit and will not renew year after year. You will receive a discounted rate of $5 per park after all ten parks have been used. **GAPF online store, Arch Café, Arch Store and gift shop at the Old Courthouse

Benefits provided by Gateway Arch Park Foundation, Arch Café, Bi-State Development, Interpark, and Jefferson National Parks Association (JNPA)

Matching Gifts

Does your employer offer matching gifts? If so, the impact of your gift may double, and we will upgrade your membership & benefits to the level of your gift plus your employer match! Please let us know you have submitted your matching gift application to your employer in the comment section on the gift form.

Monthly Giving

Join the Eero Saarinen Society by becoming a monthly donor. Monthly giving is an option for all Eero Saarinen Society membership levels. Please click here to donate monthly and enjoy all of the same great benefits. 

Who’s Eero Saarinen?

Eero Saarinen was the preeminent architect in 20th century modern design. Born in 1910, he immigrated to the United States from Finland when he was 13 years old. Saarinen created masterpieces inspired by exploration and expansion. In 1947, he entered the design contest for a monument that would honor Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis’ role in the westward expansion of the United States. In February 1948, Saarinen’s design for a stainless-steel Arch was unanimously chosen. His timeless design fulfilled Luther Ely Smith’s vision for the riverfront memorial and continues to represent St. Louis’ advancement in the 21st century.

ESS Members

  • Albers/Kuhn Family Foundation
  • Debbi and Doug Audiffred
  • Mary Banes
  • Gerald Beckerle
  • Berges Family Foundation
  • Carolyn Kindle Betz
  • David A. Blanton III
  • Susan and Roger Brown
  • Ann L. Case
  • Mary and Robert J. Ciapciak
  • Sally and Thomas Cohn, Ellenwood Fund
  • Terry and Jim Coleman
  • Marcy and Rick Cornfeld
  • Nanci Daesch
  • Venkata R. Devineni
  • Ira and William O. DeWitt III
  • Jill and Lance Dorgan
  • Lois and Jim Downing
  • John R. Drew
  • Sally and Derick Driemeyer
  • Laura and Michael Ellenhorn
  • David C. Farrell
  • Susan Stark and Paul Fendler
  • Ferring Family Foundation
  • Glenda and Jim Fiala
  • Penny Pennington and Mike Fidler
  • Adela and Logan Finerty
  • Linda and Steve Finerty
  • Katie and John Fischer
  • June M. and Flint W. Fowler
  • Charles P. Gallagher
  • Karen and Lawrence Goering
  • Amanda Goldsmith
  • P. Wayne and Jane B. Goode Foundation
  • Dennis Gorg
  • Mary and John Gunther
  • Mary McNerney Gunther
  • Timothy J. Halls
  • Trina Hamilton
  • Jane and Dwight Hardin
  • Lori and Dustin Hausladen
  • Mary Beth and James M. Havel
  • Anne and Tom Herrmann
  • Lesley and Jay Hoffarth
  • Christine and David Houston
  • Sally C. Johnston
  • Kathy and Rob Kilo
  • Ruth E. Kim
  • Jo Ann Taylor Kindle
  • Mary Jane and Brian Kinman
  • Carol and Ward Klein
  • Kerrin and David Kowach
  • Kristin S. Kuchem
  • Laura and James Lally
  • Alicia and Tom Lantzy
  • Sally and Ned Lemkemeier
  • Yvette Liebesman
  • Susan and Steven Lipstein
  • LaVerne Lorenzini
  • Rosalyn and Charles Lowenhaupt
  • Michelle and Robert MacDonald
  • Janet Schoedinger and James Mann
  • Mrs. Jean Marglous and Family
  • Phyllis M. Maritz
  • Ann and Craig Marr
  • Karen and Bill Matteuzzi
  • Beth and Ryan McClure
  • Sharon Buchanan-McClure and Richard McClure
  • Anne and John F. McDonnell
  • Harry Smith McGehee
  • Mary Faller and Paul Mills
  • Gidge and Tom Melzer
  • Jaime R. Mendez
  • Cynthia and Walter Metcalfe, Jr.
  • Marsha and Albert J. Mitchell
  • Elizabeth and Richard L. Nix, Jr.
  • Anita and John O'Connell
  • Natalie R. Olwig and Thomas G. Olwig, Sr.
  • John O'Shaughnessy
  • Jenna and Brian Ottman
  • J. Matthew Pantaleoni
  • Melissa and George Paz
  • Jane and Dave Peacock
  • Dave Powitzky
  • The Prufrock Foundation
  • Roxanne and Ed Puzzella
  • Nancy and Donald Ross
  • Jody J. and John S. Ross, Sr.
  • Ruth Saphian
  • Anja and Jay Schmelter
  • Nancy and Craig Schnuck
  • Marilyn Schnuck
  • Stephanie and Mark J. Schnuck
  • Julie and Todd Schnuck
  • Lyle and Bill Seddon
  • Megan and Steven Shebik
  • Ruth and Alvin Siteman
  • Susie and Joe Sivewright
  • Leisa and Joe Soer
  • Lucie and Steve Springmeyer
  • Susan Stangler
  • Susan and Drexal Stith
  • Donald M. Suggs
  • Barbara and Andy Taylor
  • Jessica and Jason Thein
  • Pam and Greg Trapp
  • Jane Tschudy
  • Laurie and Ray Van de Riet
  • Elizabeth "Tina" Veraldi
  • Lisa and Joseph VonderHaar
  • Sara Wade
  • Sage Charitable Foundation of Richard and Josephine Weil
  • Linda and Peter Werner
  • Linda and F. Dale Whitten
  • Roma B. Wittcoff - In Memory of Raymond H. Wittcoff
  • Risa Zwerling and Mark Wrighton
  • Lynn and Douglas Yaeger
  • Thomas B. Young
  • James Zemlyak