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Gateway Arch Park Foundation proudly supports the conservation of our hometown national park and its neighboring public spaces.

We support the planting of hundreds of trees, shrubs, grasses, and plants throughout the park, including London plane, snowberry and bald cypress varieties. The London planes in particular highlight the park's walkways as allée plantings, and visitors frequently inquire about them.

In 2022, the Foundation supported the planting of 14 trees, 1,758 plants and bushes, and 185 pounds of various grass seed. Nearly 250 of these plants and bushes are pollinator attractors for certain species of birds and insects, contributing positively to the ecosystem of the park. Volunteers were instrumental in this undertaking.

Through our volunteer program co-managed with the National Park Service, we engage dozens of volunteers from the community every year for mulching projects and planting projects that include replacing invasive plant species with native, sustainable species. 

We also partner with community organizations to lead cleanups of the park and the St. Louis Riverfront, resulting in the removal of hundreds of pounds of trash from entering the Mississippi River – and subsequently the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean – and keeping St. Louis' "front door" looking amazing.