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Kiener Plaza Project Survey

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Share your ideas to make this place even better!

Using remaining CityArchRiver project funds, designated to be spent only within that project area, a small building will be added to the north side of Kiener Plaza. This station, which was considered in the original plans, is being built now that all other elements of the CityArchRiver project are built or underway. Project partners Gateway Arch Park Foundation, Great Rivers Greenway and the City of St. Louis look forward to designing this feature with community input in 2020 to enhance the visitor experience and ensure long-term success of this vibrant downtown space, open to residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

Painted fins are angled so the view varies from different parts of the park.

Painted fins are angled so the view varies from different parts of the park.

The building, located on the north end of the park along Chestnut Avenue, aims to serve 3 primary purposes:


Much like City Garden and other parks, in order to help people feel safe, monitor conditions of this civic gathering space and answer questions from visitors, a security guard works up to 20 hours per day during the peak season. This building provides a work station for them to be present and visible but also able to take breaks and fill out reports.


The building can store items such as the café tables and chairs that encourage visitors to relax and enjoy the space, equipment for programs and events to activate the plaza, and tools to take care of the plants and infrastructure in the park.

Enhance your experience.

Please tell us how with this quick survey!

Tell your friends, family, co-workers to take the survey through Nov. 22. To request a paper form or with any questions, call Chris at 314-655-1299.