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2020 Fitness RFP

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Thank you for your interest in the Gateway Arch Park Foundation Fitness Program! The Foundation is dedicated to working with partners to provide free fitness classes, activate the park and its neighboring spaces, and keep St. Louis fit.

From 2017-2019 The Gateway Arch Park Foundation hosted over 100 classes run by some of our favorite community partners. Exercise programs ranged in size and frequency and reached over 3,500 attendees. The Foundation strives to offer the community a wide range of positive physical activities in our urban national park. We look forward to a  bigger and brighter in 2020!

What's new for 2020:

Pre-season orientation sessions that include information on marketing guidelines, how The Foundation can help, and National Park training.

The Gateway Arch Park Foundation is not able to offer financial compensation to instructors. The classes are viewed as a valuable marketing and community engagement opportunity. Partners have donated their time to make this program possible and we look forward to hosting a successful year of the health and wellness.

2020 Fitness RFP Schedule:

  • Monday, June 29, 2020: RFP posted on GAPF website 
  • Monday, July 6, 2020: Questions regarding the RFP due
  • Friday, July 10 ,2020 Q & A posted to website and emailed out 
  • Friday, July 17, 2020: RFP Submissions and fee due by EOB 
  • July 20, 2020 – July 24, 2020: Interviews and evaluations*
  • July 27, 2020 – July 29, 2020: Finalize schedule 
  • Friday, July 31, 2020: Final notification to partners
  • Monday, August 3, 2020: Mandatory 2020 GAPF fitness orientation session
  • Tuesday, August 4, 2020: Health and Wellness classes starts! 

This RFP process will help to define a schedule of classes for the public, create a clear schedule, distribute class locations, and protect the lawns from overuse.


Fitness Programs will be chosen based on:

  • Demonstration of a proven track-record
  • Bringing diverse fitness offerings to The Gateway
  • Arch National Park and Keiner Plaza
  • Delivering a great product to park patrons Providing a consistent schedule
  • Ability to stream online

Organizers will be expected to be communicative and consistent with rules and regulations including:

  • Collaborating with GAPF to determine when classes will be cancelled or postponed
  • Alternating locations/rotating within permitted area Informing GAPF if any lawns or park infrastructure are damaged/need to be addressed
  • Acknowledging sponsor support for GAPF Fitness Program by placing out signage during classes
  • Submitting attendance information at the end of each session Submitting payments on time
  • Providing Certificates of Insurance Distributing and collecting class waivers

Prospective instructors are required to familiarize themselves with our Park Use Guidelines.


The Fitness Program typically receives support from a major contributing sponsor. This sponsor will be announced in 2020 before the season begins and receives recognition in print collateral and press releases. The Fitness Sponsor will cover the expense of lawn use fees and may be on-site for sampling/promotion events, but only with permission of GAPF and class organizer(s). If you or your organization is interested in becoming a Fitness Program Sponsor, please reach out to The Gateway Arch Park Foundation by emailing Jay Perry at

Please note that additional class sponsors are permissible, but in the event of on-site sampling (e.g. giveaways, branded "street teams"), written permission from The
Gateway Arch Park Foundation is required and additional fees will apply.


The following locations are available for the 2020 Gateway Arch Park Foundation season. Note that programs using lawn space are required to alternate classes between "Rotation A" and "Rotation B" spaces within their designated location. Options 4, 6, and 7 have a plaza (hard surface) space.

  • Option 1: Kiener Plaza
  • Option 2: Gateway Arch Park Grounds
  • Option 3: Gateway Arch Museum Visitor Center
  • Option 4: Lenor K Sullivan Drive (Riverfront)
  • Option 5: Online streaming capabilities

Public Safety

Safety of the public is a top priority of The Gateway Arch Park Foundation. We ask all programs to review our Park Use Guidelines.

  • Fitness programs must relocate if requested by the GAPF, Public Safety Officials, or the Missouri Department of Transportation.
  • GAPF does not provide parking for fitness programs or their employees. All such parking is at the fitness organization's sole cost and expense. All City and State parking laws and ordinances must be obeyed.
  • Security and rule enforcement is the responsibility of City of St. Louis Police Department and The Gateway Arch Park Foundation staff.
  • Waivers must be distributed and signed by all class participants.
  • Due to special events or park maintenance, it may not always be possible for the fitness programs to utilize their location. GAPF will provide as much advance notice to the class organizers as possible and support in finding another suitable location in the park, if available.

Trash and litter

Fitness instructors are responsible for picking up all materials generated from their program and remove from the site any generated litter within 10’ of their designated area after their session. The Foundation also expects instructors to make reasonable efforts to assure cleanliness in the general area of their program, leaving the space as they found it.

Class Count and Content Information

  • Each fitness organization must supply GAPF with the number of individuals that participated in their program.
  • All fitness organizations will supply content for the Foundation to use for social media and marketing purposes.

Rain Policy

  • In the event that rain is in the forecast for the day of a fitness program, The GAPF staff and fitness organization will be in communication to make the determination of whether or not to continue the program.
  • Please note GAPF may decide to cancel a class if the lawns are too saturated to be safely used, even if it is no longer raining.
  • If a class is cancelled, GAPF will work with fitness organizers to determine if a rain date can be scheduled. Rain dates cannot be guaranteed. If a class is cancelled, GAPF staff will update the Gateway Arch Park Foundation public calendar to reflect these changes.
  • Organizers should communicate all cancellations through social media.

2020 Gateway Arch Park Foundation Fitness Application Fee:

All applicants are required to pay a one-time application fee of $50.00. After Application submission you will be taken to a payment form to pay the application fee.


*Please note that fitness provider is responsible for providing all equipment. Electrical power source availability is dependent on park location and time of year-- Wireless speakers and headsets are encouraged. Class series (2+ classes) that require power will be invoiced a one-time usage fee of $30.

Contact Information

After submission of this form, you will be taken to a payment form to pay the applciation fee. Applciations submitted without a appplication fee will not be considered.